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        Litigation and Arbitration

        The Litigation & Arbitration Team at DWF (Australia) includes experienced professionals from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney & Newcastle, who combined have been providing commercial legal advice for over 20 years.

        Our Litigation & Arbitration Team consists of lawyers who have particular experience in commercial dispute resolution and litigation. Also of note, is their advocacy for alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and negotiation.

        Our Litigation & Arbitration services include providing advice on the following:

        • Planning
        • Negotiation
        • Settlement

        • Mediation
        • Arbitration
        • Conciliation

        • Appearing in State and Federal Courts and Tribunals
        • Commercial and contractual disputes
        • Construction disputes
        • Franchise disputes
        • Shareholder disputes
        •  Mortgage enforcement and possession
        • Debt recovery and enforcement of judgment debts
        • Professional indemnity and negligence
        • Section 66G Conveyancing Act proceedings

        • Appearing as judiciary counsel
        • Acting as tribunal member/president
        • Drafting of effective dispute resolution clauses in sports participation contracts
        • Member protection disputes
        • Anti-doping disputes
        • Sports Integrity matters and disputes
        • Misconduct and unsportsmanlike behaviour disputes
        •  Sports selection disputes
        • Contractual disputes and mediation

        Andrew Bautovich

        • Executive Partner (Melbourne)

        Kirsten Farmer

        • Executive Partner (Sydney)

        David Reid

        • Executive Partner (Newcastle)