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        Intellectual Property Law & Licensing

        The Intellectual Property Law & Licensing Team at DWF (Australia) adopts an approach, which is commercial, innovative and strategically focused.

        Capturing, protecting and leveraging value from your brands, products, data, technology, and services is at the core of the commercial sphere. Intangible assets are often regarded as the most valuable assets of a business, and should be monitored and protected as such.

        Our team of experienced lawyers are recognised for their skills in putting together complex agreements, designed to prevent disputes and present opportunities for growth, as well as acting decisively and quickly in pursuing litigation relating to the infringement of Intellectual Property (IP). We act for a wide range of IP-rich companies with experience in a diverse range of industries including sports and entertainment, hospitality, leisure, technology, and food and drinks manufacturing.

        We can provide focussed advice on:

        • Advertising & Marketing;
        • Anti-counterfeiting;
        • Circuit Layouts;
        • Copyright;
        • Data Protection & Privacy
        • Designs;
        • Domain Names;
        • IP Disputes & Enforcement;
        • IP Licensing & Exploitation;
        • Patents; and
        • Trademarks. 


        We are on hand to help clients to protect and derive the most from their brand reputation, whether the client is looking to:

        • expand commercial reach by licensing IP to a 3rd party;
        • generate new, or productising existing, innovations through R&D;
        • target a new customer base through a strategic partnership or joint venture;
        • increase the visibility their brand through targeted sponsorship arrangements and media rights agreements;
        • raise finance against existing IP; or
        • mitigate the copycat and infringement risks that have arisen as the client brand has grown, and continues to grow in value and reputation.
        We can provide a full suite of IP services, across the complete lifecycle of your brand and rights management. To find out more, please contact Andrew Bautovich or Mat Jessep.

        Andrew Bautovich

        • Principal Lawyer

        Cavelle Lindsay

        • Senior Associate

        Matthew Hawken

        • Supervising Lawyer

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