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        Esports – pathways to growth

        Heard about esports, but struggling to catch-up with the global sports and entertainment phenomenon? Or, you know your PUBG from your MOBA, but you’re interested to know how the scene is professionalising?

        23 August 2018 17:00
        23 August 2018 19:00

        DWF Australia
        123 Eagle Street Level 36
        Brisbane, Queensland 4000

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        Level up at this seminar held in conjunction with ANZSLA Queensland for a discussion on how pathways to pro gaming are developing, and what teams and organisations need to do to further commercialise and grow. 

        As esports continues its fast-paced growth as a global entertainment phenomenon, so too do the legal issues in play. Our Sydney-based Director, Mat Jessep is a leading esports lawyer and presenter on this sector, and is presenting in our Brisbane office in partnership with the Australia & New Zealand Sports Law Association.

        Attendees familiar with the esports sector will leave with a greater understanding of the recent development in relation to player pathways and the commercial opportunities available to them.

        Attendees who are perhaps no so familiar with the esports sector will gain an understanding of the sector more broadly as well as the ways it mirrors developments in traditional sports, by way of one comparison.

        • Introduction to esports
        • Recent steps to professionalization in esports
        • A panel discussion on what pathways are available and how they may develop commercially over the next 12-18 months

        DWF speakers

        Mat Jessep, Director – Sports & Esports Law, DWF Australia:

        • Introduction to esports
        • Recent steps to professionalization in esports
        • The development of pathways in esports

        External speakers

        Nick Bobir, Founder & CEO, Tainted Minds
        Dylan Poulus, Coordinator, QUT esports

        • Panel discussion on the development of pathways to profesionalisation in esports and the related commercial opportunities.

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