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        Recruiting temporary legal services support can be costly and time consuming. In order to overcome these challenges we introduce DWF Resource ā€“ the next generation of flexible resource, helping you secure high quality, fixed-cost, flexible legal support.

        What is DWF Resource?

        DWF Resource is our flexible resourcing service, providing high quality legal support when, where and how you need it.

        Our flexible resourcing service is:

        • Integrated - A resource solution that fits seamlessly into the way you do business and the way DWF works with you.
        • Present - From Glasgow to London, from Newcastle to Bristol, we have lawyers ready and waiting to work with you.
        • Efficient - easy to use and reduces, rather than adds to your workload, leaving you to focus on the day job

        What are the benefits of using DWF Resource?

        • Access to technical and business sector expertise.
        • Flexible options and fixed costs.
        • Dedicated support from the DWF Resource team and your client partner.
        • Adaptable to your changing needs.

        What kind of roles can DWF Resource provide?

        • Short-term support.
        • Project specific roles.
        • Interim and cover roles.
        • On site and off site support.

        Our resourcing process is quick and easy and our dedicated team can help you to define your business requirements.

        If you are an existing client, please speak to your Client Partner. Alternatively, please contact Karen Ainscough or Nicola Evans

        Contact our DWF Resource Team

        Karen Ainscough

        Karen Ainscough

        Head of DWF Resource

        Nicola Evans | DWF

        Nicola Evans

        DWF Resource Coordinator

        Naomi Farley

        DWF Resource Coordinator