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        EvoSafe is our market-leading software for health and safety managers in the public and private sectors. Our cloud-based solution is an essential tool for continuous improvement plus risk and compliance distribution.

        Facilities Management

        Market-leading efficiency

        Covering the entire compliance lifecycle EvoSafe is designed to streamline previously long-winded tasks and keep health and safety managers focused on deadlines, triggers, audits. It also enables speedy incident notification and accident investigation.


        Market-leading information resource

        Collaborate, communicate, delegate and track securely across multiple people. With a complex range of compliance requirements from building safety to machine operating requirements, our software understands exactly who is responsible for what. 


        Market-leading tracking

        Organising a bi annual health and safety audit can be stressful. Our intelligent software keeps track of everything for you. Continuous Improvement is achieved by monitoring KPIs in “real-time” and flagging action points.

        Market-leading integration

        The entire solution is legacy system friendly which means it can dovetail easily into older, “clunkier” systems as well as newly deployed ones. 

        Your mission critical goals:

        • Mobile incident notification
        • Risk & compliance distribution tracking
        • Multi-site
        • Continuous improvement
        • Training tracking
        • Site induction & onboarding
        • Audit & inspections
        • Crisis response
        • Document repository & correspondence handling
        • Easy cloud-based access
        • Quick, flexible setup
        • Automated reporting
        • Heatmap trend analysis
        • GDPR ready
        • Compliance focused Microsoft tech stack


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        Ashley Moss

        • CEO, DWF 360

        Gary Goodman

        • Head of Business Development at DWF 360