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        Media and Entertainment

        The production and distribution of media and entertainment content is highly regulated – both by way of legislation and industry self-regulation. Our team can help maximise your creative and business outcomes.

        The media and entertainment industries are constantly evolving, driven by technology and an increasingly diverse and fragmented market of distribution platforms. Audiences are also consuming new forms of media and entertainment in new ways via these additional mediums.

        In this environment, the legal relationships and transactions involved with the production and distribution of content, including film and television, music, and new media including social media, are regulated and impacted in ways that seem to dampen creativity.

        The impact to industries experiencing a fast-pace of change with a web of regulation means that the legal issues of the media and entertainment industries can be critical to a project, needing legal advisors that are not only capably experienced, but who also understand your industry. These issues include:

        • Freedom of Speech and its impact on content
        • Copyright
        • Censorship
        • Defamation
        • Contempt
        • Privacy
        • Sedition, Blasphemy and Anti-vilification laws
        • New technologies

        The Media and Entertainment Law team at DWF are across the issues keeping media and entertainment content producers and distributors awake at night, and are experienced in mitigating risks and maximising opportunities and outcomes.

        • Business advice, setup, and structuring for media start-ups and emerging companies
        • Commercial contracts and agreements
        • Corporate governance
        • Defamation
        • Digital / online media
        • Distribution agreements
        • Domain name registration
        • Employment agreements, disputes, dismissals, shareholder plans and options
        • Incorporation including shareholder agreements and company constitutions
        • Intellectual property – Copyright and Trade marks
        • Joint ventures
        • License agreements
        • Media rights agreements
        • Online security
        • Privacy
        • Social media – terms of use, policies
        • Subscription agreements

        • Business advice, setup, and structuring for artists, photographers, authors, bands, solo artists, labels, and managers
        • Deal negotiation
        • Dispute resolution including litigation, mediation, and settlement negotiation
        • Employment issues including enterprise agreements, good faith bargaining, right of entry requests, dismissals, and dispute resolution
        • Film producer E&O Insurance review and sign-off
        • Film/TV agreements including financing, licensing, distribution, royalties, management, partnerships, shareholder and joint ventures, promotion, sponsorship, and merchandising agreements
        • General entertainment law including film and television production, publishing, advertising, sport, digital media and other creative content
        • Intellectual property:

        - Copyright, including the rights of songwriters, performers and producers, licensing, sampling, editing, and copyright infringement

        - Trade marks for businesses and band names including search, applications, registrations, advice and disputes

        • Music agreements including recording, licensing, publishing, distribution, royalties, management, partnerships, shareholder and joint ventures, touring, booking, sponsorship, merchandise and venue hire agreements
        • Publishing agreements including distribution, royalties, management, licensing, film/TV rights, and international agreements
        • Rights agreements – music, books, TV, film, online
        • Rights clearances
        • Talent contracts and agreements