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        DWF (Australia) has a sound understanding and knowledge of government legal service requirements.  

        How we can help

        Our sector-focussed approach means we are aware of the inherent needs of government, their priorities and the outcomes they seek. We know Councils are answerable to stakeholders, such as tax and rate payers, and public service consumers. Leveraging this knowledge, we have a proven track record of delivering the right results at the right price for State and local government clients. 

        Our relationships with our government clients are built on a commitment to client service and around a core philosophy of exceeding our client’s service delivery expectations. As one of the premier local government specialised firms in Queensland, we can guarantee the provision of high quality legal services due to the secure base of expert lawyers we have across the country, each of whom is committed to ensuring that clients are provide with quality and consistent legal advice for a reasonable fee. 


        DWF are pre-approved suppliers in LGAQ’s Local Buy Legal Services Panel, and are also currently on the individual legal services panel for three Councils in Queensland:

        • Gold Coast City Council;
        • Redlands City Council; and
        • Lockyer Valley Regional Council.

        DWF (Australia) are also one of only two legal service providers for Local Government WorkCare (LGW) operated by LGAQ through Jardine Lloyd Thompson. As such, we have represented the interests of nearly every Council in Queensland, showing our versatility and ability to adapt and respond to individual Council’s needs.

        We provide legal services to Queensland councils in the areas of insurance, corporate, commercial, construction and employment.  We have the necessary understanding of Council needs and processes, as well as the experience working with Council officers and other stakeholders to ensure effective and meaningful legal assistance is provided.

        Lex Orange

        • Principal Lawyer

        Mark Hickey

        • Chairman (Asia Pacific)

        Scott Stewart

        • National Head of Property, Planning & Construction